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Dedicated to furthering stem cell therapy research and growth from a Canadian point-of-view, we envision a future where many chronic and incurable conditions are dealt with swiftly and effectively. Browse our site and learn about what’s possible, the progress that’s been made so far and how you can help.

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What Are Stem Cells?

Learn about what stem cells are, why they are important and how they are going to revolutionize healing and medical care in Canada.

What Can Be Treated By PRP / Stem Cell Injections?

Not all conditions are effectively treated by PRP injections or stem cell therapy, and with ongoing clinical trials it’s important to realize what stem cells can and cannot help with. We’ve built a comprehensive list of the different types of conditions that stem cell therapy shows promise for, however if you don’t find it listed we’d recommend checking out Danish health website Regular maintenance of health is key to making sure long-term issues don’t arise as we age, and part of that is a rich, balanced diet and careful supplementation.