Stem Cell Therapy & Treatment in Ottawa

While still undergoing more specific clinical trials, there are stem cell therapy treatments available throughout Canada, including the National Capital of Ottawa. From severe joint arthritis to thoratic and spinal trauma, many have reported amazing pain relief with the injection of stem cells into the affected area from bone marrow or abdominal fat.  Damaged tissue can often be beyond your bodies ability to repair, and with a careful and strategic injection of stem cells, this can spur tissue regeneration and relieve pain and discomfort.

What Areas Can Be Treated By Stem Cell Injections?

  • Knee and joint pain
  • Mid back, lower back and spinal tissue damage
  • Debilitating shoulder and elbow pain
  • Certain skin diseases such as psoriasis or any condition that requires new skin cells to be generated.

Are Stem Cell Injections Safe?

While not officially sanctioned by Health Canada, many clinical trials have shown promise for years when it comes to stem cell therapy especially treating chronic and severe arthritic pain. Any area with traumatic tissue damage can often be treated with stem cell therapy. Many people prefer this type of procedure as it is much less invasive than traditional surgery, takes less time and the recovery time is more reasonable.