Toronto Stem Cell Therapy & Injection

What Are Stem Cells?

Often medically referred to as Mesenchymal Cells, these are the bricks, the most foundational aspects of human tissue. The laymans term is stem cells, and they are primarily used to repair areas of the human body which may suffer from an immediate loss of tissue.

Over time the typical human body loses it’s existing stem cells which get used up to deal with typical medium-grade trauma that just happens from typical lifestyle – falling off your bike, sports injuries etc. Stem cells are limited and hence the benefits of having them injected to deal with particularly damaged tissue.

Canadian Stem Cell Trials – Are They Safe?

While many Canadians travel overseas for this treatment, where it has been safely preformed for years there are several clinics opening up in the Greater Toronto Area offering treatments for most of the common use-cases – arthritis, damaged knee-tissue and other traumatic injuries. A recent National Post article shared the story of Maureen Munsie who had a local Toronto stem cell clinic treat her debilitating ankle arthritis so successfully that she went from being unable to walk, to hiking in Argentina.

Many clinical trials are in progress, have been completed and while not officially approved yet many chronic-pain suffering individuals have found stem cell therapy to relieve this and let them live a more enjoyable life.